At Fitts and Goodwin, we believe pre-construction is key to a successful project.

Our pre-construction services range from identifying a suitable site for construction to developing engineered civil drawings and providing preliminary cost estimates to the client with minimal design effort. At Fitts & Goodwin our project team remains intact from the beginning.

Our project managers handle all cost estimates and interactions with the client from the start of the pre-construction process all the way to the owner move in. We believe continuity plays a large part in making a project run smoothly.

We offer the following
pre-construction services


Identifying the construction and design team best suited for the project.

Site Analysis and Evaluation

Analyzing prospective properties for soils, conditions, topography, zoning requirements and utilities availability.

Federal, State and Local regulations

Navigation of permitting requirements.

Schematic drawings

Develop drawings for accurate budgeting of the project.

Schematic budgeting

Develop accurate budgets using preliminary drawings and criteria provided by the owner.


For the design, permitting and construction phases of the project.

Fast tracking

Identify long-lead items and order during the design and permitting phase of the project.

Value Engineering

Provide alternative construction techniques and materials to achieve owner needs, while lowering the cost of the project.

Design documents

Once the owner is satisfied with the preliminary budget, our design professionals produce a stamped set of documents for permitting.


Based on the design documents, competitive bids from our approved list of subcontractors and material suppliers are solicited. These bids are used to provide a “guaranteed price” for the project.