At Fitts and Goodwin, we believe pre-construction is key to a successful project.

We offer the following services:

  • Design-Build: Identifying the construction and design team best suited for the project.
  • Site Analysis and Evaluation: Analyzing prospective properties for soils, conditions, topography, zoning requirements and utilities availability.
  • Federal, State and Local regulations: Navigation of permitting requirements.
  • Schematic drawings: Develop drawings for accurate budgeting of the project.
  • Schematic budgeting: Develop accurate budgets using preliminary drawings and criteria provided by the owner.
  • Scheduling: For the design, permitting and construction phases of the project.
  • Fast tracking: Identify long-lead items and order during the design and permitting phase of the project.
  • Value Engineering: Provide alternative construction techniques and materials to achieve owner needs, while lowering the cost of the project.
  • Design documents: Once the owner is satisfied with the preliminary budget, our design professionals produce a stamped set of documents for permitting.
  • Estimating: Based on the design documents, competitive bids from our approved list of subcontractors and material suppliers are solicited. These bids are used to provide a “guaranteed price” for the project.